Russian Club

About Russian Club


Our Connections make us stronger.

We are a platform to accommodate the connection of influential individuals. We aim to provide Russian speakers and their associates with the ability to meet in the United Arab Emirates for social and business gatherings. Furthermore, encouraging our corporate members connect with beneficial contacts for early access to lucrative opportunities, exchange market information and examine opportunities through our tiered membership categories! We aim to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas to aid both parties on their journey.

Powerful Platform

Our goal is to provide the bridge-way between powerful contacts, creating beneficial connections for both parties with access to a plethora of organized events and occasions, primarily designed to connect businesses. Including between UAE to Russia/CIS or for Russian speaking companies within the UAE, our platform provides members with comprehensive ease of use, accommodating those invaluable connections are our central concern. Exchange knowledge and insight with likeminded company to enhance both operations. Cross collaborate with our other members. Foster relations over the sharing of ideas, opening the door to a world of opportunity rife for the taking.


Our vision is to serve as a leading social and business club for all Russian speakers in the United Arab Emirates.

We seek to connect individuals that speak the Russian language with their friends and business colleagues in the United Arab Emirates to host or join essential social and business events. We aim to serve our customers as the glue between the essential connections, business intelligence, and networking required to professionally develop and accelerate business and career goal achievement.

Our Mission

We serve as a "one point" organization for social/business meetings and events related to Russia or any other CIS countries in the United Arab Emirates.

  • We serve as a collective forum to seek for information exchange or networking contacts.
  • We serve as a highly desired meeting destination for entrepreneurs from the United Arab Emirate and Russia/Commonwealth of Independent States.
  • We serve as the bridge to diversity and collaboration.
  • We serve as a devoted ambassador to promote Russian and CIS business.
  • We serve through original thought leadership to a thousands of our audience.


We value our members, and we have developed the following values as a commitment to our beloved members.

  • We promote honesty, integrity, and complete transparency in everything we do.
  • We foster and accelerate innovation to meet the high demands and challenges of our market.
  • We provide the tools required to reach personal and professional achievements.
  • We believe in creating a space for the facilitation of personal and business activities.
  • We value the diversity and inclusion and believe in an equal opportunity to thrive.